Republican Voter Obstruction Exposed


Voter Intimidation Billboards



These intimidating billboards were meant to frighten lawful and confused voters away from the polls. They popped up in Cleveland, Columbus and Milwaukee. Reports of similar scare tactics, such as robo-calls and threatening flyers, designed to deter voters in black and Latino neighborhoods recur each election year as polls begin to open. Early voting has been a crucial part of increasing black turnout and tea party groups in states like Ohio and Florida have worked to limit it, under the guise of combating voter fraud. There remains no meaningful evidence of voter fraud in early voting, or on Election Day for that matter.


As shown in the above videos, Republicans has done everything possible, to RIG elections by passing voter ID laws, decreasing voting machines and decreasing the days and hours people can vote.

Any political party which engages in such anti-democratic tactics should be EXPOSED and removed from ALL positions of public trust.

Please donate what ever you can so we can place ads all over the internet and on TV to raise public awareness about this important issue.

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