More Than 380,000 Georgia Voters Receive ‘Purge Notice’

More Than 380,000 Georgia Voters Receive ‘Purge Notice’ – Rewire

More than 380,000 Georgia voters received a “purge notice” from their local board of elections under the direction of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, Rewire has learned through an open records request.

Georgia Republicans are conducting a massive purge of voters — targeting people of color in particular — in order to win crucial elections in 2018 and stop a rising progressive tide. Stacey Abrams is fighting back, but she needs our help right now.

In July Brian Kemp, the Republican Secretary of State for Georgia issued a “purge notice” to more than 380,000 registered voters, many of them people of color. This is the new Jim Crow in action.


Why Are Conservatives Trying to Destroy the Voting Rights Act?

Overturning Section 5 is in many respects the most important battle in the GOP’s war on voting. As Holder noted in a recent speech, there have been more lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Section 5 over the past two years than during the previous four decades.

Republicans are doing everything possible to rig elections in their favor by Destroying the Voting Rights Act, Purging minority voters who are likely to vote for Democrats and Gerrymandering districts because they know that’s the only way they can win elections.  They can’t win on a even playing field so they resort to “winning by any means necessary”.

The “pro-life” party has become the party of death: New research on why Republicans hate poor…

On Thursday, Republicans in the House of Representatives will attempt to force through a health care “reform” bill that is likely to leave millions of Americans without health insurance, especially those who suffer from chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Republicans are HEARTLESS and only care about themselves and their families.  They don’t give a damn about the less fortunate… to them poor & sick people have no value and would be better off dead.